Complex Trauma – on the influence of trauma on development and personality – digital set of slides


Complex Trauma – digital set of 10 slides


Complex Trauma:  a set of 10 consecutive slides with visualisations of:

  • how C-PTSS developes
  • the influence of trauma on someones personality
  • stabilization, confrontation and integration of C-PTSS

After your order available as .zip folder with all the slides as digital file in .pdf or .jpg format.


With these slides you can get started right away with colleagues and clients!

The slides were developed by traumaspecialist Ybe Casteleyn and illustrated by Lara Schmelzeisen. They invite you to start a conversation on the impact of trauma, different trauma reactions and the healingproces. The slides are in English, the bright illustrations and simple style are a pleasure to work with.

Creative Commons-Licentie
This is licensed under the  Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-GelijkDelen 4.0 Internationaal-licentie. Attribution is required when working with it in your own practice, this means you have to recognise Ybe Casteleyn and Lara Schmelzeisen as the creators, i.g. with a link to this website. Full legal conditions can be found on the Creative Commons website.